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I understand when I become an affiliate with the Calvert Marketing Group's program, an unlimited number of "Perfect Business CD's" will be mailed on my behalf for only $19.97 a month. I will be provided with an affiliate website link that directs prospects to the salespage for the Free CD. That link is used to generate my sales leads.

As each order for the Free CD is received into the fulfillment office, you will receive an email notification that you have referred a non-commissionable sale and it will contain details for the order of The Free CD you referred.

This will allow you to followup with your customer/lead.

starter package
I understand that my first month fee is $30.00 and this includes setup and a Starter Promotional Package including drop cards and CD  that will be mailed to me.

Continuing into my second active month and subsequent month, the investment is only $19.97 monthly.

As an active affiliate I will  continue to receive $7.00 in monthly commissions for each active affiliate that I personally refer through my unique linked website that is supplied to me after completing the 2-step signup process.

I also understand that I will also receive $3.00 in monthly commissions for each active affiliate that is referred into my second level.

This is a 2 -step process. Please follow instructions as you proceed.
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